One of the big challenges currently faced by every company in the world is to minimize the impact of their activities on the environment. In the maritime world, up until now, most efforts have been without much obligations. Starting january the first 2018 a compulsory regulation applies to all ships above 5,000 GT. More information on the exact EU MRV regulations can be found here.

EMSDA provides a service to meet the current and future legal demands concerning the MRV regulations. But it's more than just meeting the legal requirements. We offer you tools to support you to improve your fuel efficiency and thus minimize both your carbon footprint and costs. We can support you with the obliged monitoring plan, we can deliver the yearly emission report and have it verified with one of our partners.

Our service is based on the use of data provided by sensors on board of your ship and information entered in our system by your crew. Our solution is independent of the type or make of your engine, sensors and other systems. We offer a near real time dashboard with all the important statistics and figures of all your vessels.

The three step approach

three steps

It all starts with a monitoring plan. This plan has to be in place for every ship before the first of August 2017. In the monitoring plan is described how all required parameters are measured. The monitoring plan has to be to be approved by an authorized verifier. EMSDA works close together with one of approved verifiers, we can provide a monitoring plan for each one of your vessels.

The approved monitoring plan defines if and where additional sensors are necessary on board. The EMSDA solution is independent; we work with almost any type of sensor. If certain data is allowed to be maintained via manual input, it can be directly reported in our webtool. The webtool is available on board as well as online. We not only record the actual data but also who is reporting, from which location and when. This greatly improves data quality, which is the most important variable for the verifier to approve the annual report. The annual report can be extracted from the data present at EMSDA and send to the verifier.


The loss of the MRV data is a potential nightmare for every ship owner. It’s not only vulnerable commercial information but also missing data for your annual reports might cause severe legal sanctions. EMSDA uses the latest technology to ensure the reliability of our services and maintain the highest level of security. All communications are encrypted using the latest standards and all data is copied directly when we receive the data.

Future developments

In the near future new legal obligations will introduced. At the moment discussions are held on the NOx measurement subject. As our solution is based on software, a NOx sensor (or any other sensor) is just a software update for you. You will be able to select your desired supplier of the sensor, we have no vendor lock-in. EMSDA keeps you independent.

By providing you an integrated solution with a monitoring plan, the use of an independent data collector, a user friendly interface, future proof, the latest security enhancements, already connected with one of the approved verifiers and ready to boost your ship's efficiency, we offer you the best service available today. For more information, please contact Henk de Jong at